Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Home Made Easy Elderflower Cordial recipe

One of the most refreshing summer drinks is an important Cordial. This recipe needs to be done quickly and easily and to pick a good excuse for a long walk, flowers.

Elderberry season is short, to mid-July last by the end of May, if you live in the north or in Scotland. Strongly scented flowers make a wonderful refreshing drink, if kept stored in sterile bottles for several weeks.

A word of warning: if you collect elderflower, make sure you permission to pick them up and never pick flowers trees along the streets, as they may be contaminated with petrol fumes.

Although made friendly with a refreshing drink, it is also useful in many recipes also. Check out my favorite 10 Elderberry Recipes here.

If you abou tto Make a batch of warm, you'll see my favorite tips for Performing elder flower cordial help you on your way.

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